Hyper-personalization Audit


Notes from first review:
CD input:

Stick to a red/gray color scheme. Simplify. Bold graphics. See video created by Craig below in reference section.

Revised storyboard
Temo movie

Tempo movie
I replaced the “supporting graphics” with stills. As things get approved, I will update the animation.
◀ Play Tempo Movie

Taylor videos for reference

Disclaimer: these videos are low-res. Left the controls on, which allows for scrubbing, but the full screen will look awful. They are just meant for reference.

Temo movie

Craig’s Taylor Introduction Video. I assumed it was developed as an example for using animated icons in videos. CD likes the style for it’s simplicity and boldness. ◀ Play Taylor Into

This is the Managed Services Program video. One of the latest videos incorporating the color grid. I was wondering if I should be following this style instead of the red icon style. Also this video uses photography and diagrams in the “support graphics.”

Movies I found for inspiration

The Data Analytics one I really found interesting. It had a lot of the concepts the Hyper-P video is trying to convey. I think it does. Another site I had looked at had a bunch of gif. Very large ones. I‘m not a fan of gifs. Big ones take too long to load.

Thumbnails from the Data Audit video


This was the original Data Audit video. It was actually done before the infamous one that they want to replace. Might just have to update the icons for the current video. Won't have to reinvent the wheel.
◀ Play Data Audit Video