This was a demo I did for a project manager who wanted to explain to the web developers, a way of showing how data could be used to personalized a postcard. The copy to the PM:

(Project Manager's name), here’s the effect that I think you wanted to see for the Hyper-Personalization page: A simple fade between variables. I only have Harley images available but I think you can see what the effect looks like. (There are a ton of scrips for achieving this effect. This one was a pretty straight forward one and easy to set up.) There also could be more animation. But this should be enough for you to explain your idea to the web folks.

This is an example layout I’m working on with (name). It’s focused on a single Harley dealership and the customization is based on customer data and behaviors.

For example: One growing market segment is women; both young women and women over 60. (OVER 60? Yep. And they are referred to as “blue rinse bikers”). Anyway, I was going to animate how the bike model could be swapped out based on income or a number of things. And of course the stuff pii always does: the dealer letter. And maybe other stuff you gals would be interesed in; like Harley cloths.

(And we gotta show a google map : >)

I also have email templates set up to demo HPC (Hyper-Personalized Communication) or whatever we end up calling it. This image is from an After Effects file and the intention is to have a video which will show both sides as well as the image/copy changes.

The following was a demo for the front of a lenticular postcard.

I created the lenticular from iStock images.