Baby Fold

Photography concept
Brochure design

Baby Fold — a full-service child welfare agency, specializing in education and treatment programs for young children. The client needed a brochure that could be used to aid with fundraising for the development of a second center to handle the growing number of children. It would explain all the benefits of the organization.


On a trip to New York I was lucky enough to see an exhibition of Joyce Tenneson. I had several of her books so I was already familiar with her style. This gave me the idea of how to photograph the kids from Baby Fold that would be a bit classier than the usual portrait shot. I created a mood board using some print out of Tenneson photos and created some sketches to show the client what I had in mind.

Barb Scanlan, copywriter on this project provided the inspirational copy and helped working out the poses.



Photoshoot & retouching

I had the kids photographed holding props against a plain gray background and used photoshop to place the texture and create the glow effect. The brochure was printed on an uncoated stock.