Uncle Dan as Propero and me as Calaban. A promotion for an book binding company.

As an experienced senior art director and graphic designer, I have worked closely with creative teams, project managers and sales to ensure efficient project workflow from preliminary and final design, content creation, quality oversight and on-time delivery.   Resume PDF

Fun along the way

The projects I’m most proud of involve creating humorist characters and exploring illustration styles.

I didn't have any formal training in illustration. I started off as a production artist at an advertising agency but soon was working on client projects. I learned to illustrate out of necessity. In some cases, I had to create tight layout/concept mockups to sell an idea. There were times that hiring the illustrator I wanted wasn’t in the budget. Sometimes it was the turnaround time that prevented hiring out.

With that said, here’s a menagerie of projects and characters I have created along the way:

My first ad ever
Library Clip Art
Tom Lange Produce Broker
Children’s book catalog
Dr Samuel Johnson Promotion
Hospital Calendar
Fisherman & His Wife (Book)
Image for healthcare poster

The Prospero & Caliban was accepted into the Society of Illustrators annual exhibit in New York. To be accepted the work has to be commissioned. The Society of Illustrators is the oldest nonprofit organization dedicated to the art of illustration in America. Notable Society members have been N.C. Wyeth, Rube Goldberg, and Norman Rockwell, among many others.