Uncle Danny as Propero and me as Calaban. Promotion for Permabound.

Short History

Uncle Charles — owned a marketing & design agency in Los Angeles. He advised me that if I wanted to get a job as graphic designer, learn how to prep art, order type and all about the printing process. “Don't worry about learning to design or draw. You either have it or you don’t.”

Following his advice, I didn’t take up design or marketing in college. Instead, I focused on photography and printing. That knowedge did help in landing my first job at an advertising agency. I didn’t have much of a portfolio but they did need someone who could prep the artwork.

Looking back, I had another advantage as I learned working in an agency. I grew up listening to Johathan Winters and Bob Newhart. (My dad was a big fan of those two and had all their albums). I knew all their routines and characters.

My first ad ever
Library Clip Art
Tom Lange Produce Broker
Children’s book catalog
An illustrator/designer

The agency I started of at were all trained in the traditional arts. Since they had to make a living they called themselves commercial artist. The problem is when they did illustrations, they were pretty straight. I wanted to have more fun with the images. (Since we had illustrators in house, I was not allowed to hire outside the agency). Thus begain the development of my illustration skills.

Dr Samuel Johnson Promotion
Hospital Calendar
Fisherman & His Wife (Book)
Image for healthcare poster