Country Financial

Video design & production

Pii’s marketing department wanted to proactively take new concepts to COUNTRY Financial for their customer newsletter that would increase retention and cross-sales using sophisticated data and analytics and advanced personalization.

We developed rough storyboard for both a tailored sales brochure and a companion video presentation.

  • An abbreviated style guide was first created for consistency between the pieces
  • Icons were created in the same style as COUNTRY’s
  • A promotional 11" x 17" brochure was created to hand out durning meeting
  • A simple animated video was added picking up images from the brochure. It was played to start off the presentation.
Page from video style guide and story board.
The presentation brochure

The presentation brochure was an 11" x 17" format and matched the graphic style of the PowerPoint presentation and video. The colors, infographics and icons follow Country’s branding guide to show our ablitiy to observe branding guides.