MDL fixtures

Campaign concept
Art direction • Catalog design

Lundia builds modular shelving systems which allows great flexibility to design the look and function of store displays. The client wanted a campaign that would really stand out for this particular system. The theme for this promotion would be “Create your own interpretation.”

The image was used for ads, direct mail postcards, pamphlets and a product catalog which I designed and produced.

Refining the concept

The initial concept was a store clerk juggling a variety of store products — implying the variety of products these shelves could be used for. I sketched out a few other types of characters juggling. One idea presented the store clerk dress as a circus ringmaster. The client agreed to the overall concept.

The client approved a new tagline — “Every store’s a stage, and fixtures play many roles.” The visual concept changed into a Shakespearean/Renaissance theme. Client was enthused about the new direction since they were striving for some very unique looking.

Art Direction

With the new tagline as inspiration, an Elizabethan stage now needed to be designed. (There was much collaboration with the selected photographer, Rick Kessinger.

To give the stage an old-style look, a rustic painted background was ordered. The model selected was an actor who worked with the local college Shakespeare Festival. An added bonus was that college theatre department had Renaissance costumes — including Elizabethan collars — the works.

The about change in post is the curtain were considered a bit bright and distracting and were toned back.

Story behind the props

To add to the fun, papier mache packages were created with heads. I had just watched Beauty and the Beast (1946) and remembered the anthropomorphism; the wall of arms holding candles and the living bust sculptures. (Best version ever, even if you don’t understand French).