Conductor 4

Instruction manual design
Online bulletin design
HTML and CSS coding

Conductor 4 — the first app-based Enterprise Marketing Platform of its kind. It gives corporate marketers an easier way to create, manage, distribute, track and report a wide range of marketing products.

The developers requested both an instruction manual and a method of informing developers and client on the latest updates and progress.

Designing the manual

Prototypical copy and screen shots were provided. Several layouts were provided to client as well as methods for highlighting the applications’s screen features. A simple style guide to standardize typography and color was created for both InDesign and HTML/CSS for consistancy. Additional icons were created that match the established style.

The printed manual

The final manual ended up at 400 pages with 12 sections. It was spiral bound to lay flat on the desk. Copy was written by Barb Scanlan. Contact: Barb Scanlan

The second part of the project was creating an online bulletin. I did both a PDF and HTML version. An HTML version was suitable for most situations and could be optimize to view on mobile devices. However, a PDF version was needed for print out for client meetings or for anyone who preferred a hard copy.