Country Financial

Video design & production

Progressive Impressions International — wanted to revisited Country Financial newsletter program and provide Country with information on their new data capacity.

Both a brochure design and video were requested. A simple story board outline was provided from marketing for the video. Turnaround was tight. Most of the animations were simple presets.

Icons that matched Country’s style were created for the video and Powerpoint
The video

A story board was provided by marketing for the presentation video. New graphics and icons were created to match what was used on Country’s collateral material and web site. A tighter storyboard was created using finished icons. Once approved I brought them into After Effects to animate and add a music bed.

The video would cover the points made in the proposal. It was to be played before meeting and would looped until the meeting began. Only a music bed was used for the audio.

The presentation brochure

The presentation brochure was an 11" x 17" format and matched the graphic style of the PowerPoint presentation and video. The colors, infographics and icons follow Country’s branding guide to show our ablitiy to observe branding guides.