Harley Davidson

Cover concept • brochure design

Sales wanted to gain an audience with key Harley Davidson marketing personal. This promotional piece was created to explain how our data and hyper-personalization could benefit their dealerships.

The brochure design

The promotional brochures were personalized with the recipient’s name. I took advantage of this on the personalized calendars page to actually show the variable changes in the calendar image.

Cover was created in After Effect using Element 3D
Original Cover before coating.
The cover image

The cover gave me the opportunity to try out an After Effect plug-in called Element3D from Video Copilot. My thinking was that the cover would have more impact if instead of just a flat logo, the logo could be rendered as a distressed metal plaque.

The first version of the promotion cover was a straight print job. But a new digital technology became available. It was a way of digitally applying a coating which could simulate a raised or stamp effect. Since it was part of the digital printing process, the effect could also be variable. The creative team decided to show off this technology by using it on this piece. The resulting cover is shown in the hero image.


To demonstrate the possibilities of how hyper-personalization could benefit dealers, several variations of a direct mail piece was created. The iron cross postcard format was used. It was a popular format and since it had multiple panels, it was ideal to show off variable content. Mock-ups were not always possible so I created a template in After Effects that would give some dimension to the pieces, the ability to animate the folds and show how the content could vary for a recipient.