Online Bulletin

Hey there Cassie, old buddy, old pal,

Here is the NOW&NEXT bulletin which was the brainchild of the great Chirs Steffen. Don't know who came up with the name. I’m sure it was Barb. She wrote the copy for all this stuff. It was meant to be an online bulletin—a PDF. I suggested just doing a web page (HTML). Much more user friendly. Could be responsive and viewed on a phone. So cool. HTML is easy to edit, would be a faster download, it allows for links, interactivity, animation and so on and so forth.

We did decide to do the bulletin as a PDF as well. They thought it might look better if the pages were design for print—better for a client meetings.


You might want to think upping the ante on the bulletin.
  • We could use a ai speech generator to narrate certaing items. Get or use one that’s meant for narration or presentations. They don’t sound like robots anymore.
  • I have seen examples of videos used to promote and show off new site design and funtionality. Might make the updates more meaningful to a client than reading copy.
  • I've used simple fade slideshow within a web page to show off different states of things. This type of stuff doesn't require video.
Actual online bulletin

Note: when viewing the bulletin you’ll have to use the browser’s back button to return get back to this page. I didn’t have time to put a return on the bulletin.

We did do a short teaser video for introducing the COUNTRY newsletter. It was developed to play in the background before the meeting. A promotional brochure was also created. The design of the pieces followed COUNTRY’s brand at the time.

Country presentation