First look at Conductor’s new functionality

Version 4.6 Release December 2016

Not for External Distribution

Message from Chris Steffen,

Conductor Product Manager

Iterative development. It’s a defining feature of today’s software development and it’s behind our philosophy of innovation with Conductor.

How does it work?

It starts with user feedback and our own observations about software performance. We use these inputs as the basis for developing system upgrades that we release to users in a periodic cycle.

Moving mobile first

Most of the biggest changes you’ll notice in the 4.6 release are that they are designed to move Conductor “mobile first.”

This means we’re making Conductor easier to work with and view on mobile devices. With version 4.6, you’ll see how Conductor’s responsive design is evolving it to become a more adaptable marketing technology partner — wherever and whenever you work.

Our Big 3 improvements:

  1. Responsive design
  2. Improvements in order workflow
  3. Improvements in campaign workflow

In response to client and internal input, the Conductor team is introducing a lot of helpful improvements in version 4.6. You’ll find they make Conductor’s workflow easier to view and understand. You and your users will save valuable time, too!

Stay tuned for upcoming iterative releases. They promise to make Conductor even more powerfully agile and responsive to your customers’ marketing needs.

Take a closer look: