Improvements in Campaign Workflow

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Easier to search. Simpler to build, customize and deliver.

Together, the following improvements help users maintain consistency among the products in their campaign while helping them to more quickly complete their marketing campaign tasks.

Unified campaign workflow

Conductor will walk users through the order workflow for each product in the campaign. Users customize and define delivery for their first product, then move on to each successive product in the campaign. Conductor even keeps a running count of the number of products selected. It’s now quicker and easier to:

Easier to track progress while working

When users have a product up on the screen, they will be able to see the campaign name and thumbnails of ALL products in the campaign, along with the name of the individual product they are viewing. This feature is available for campaigns of up to three products.

View, review and edit on Campaign Summary Page

Similar to the upgrades we made to the Shopping Cart and Order Details, Conductor’s Campaign Summary provides a streamlined view of all products in the campaign. Users can also view a consolidated estimated delivery cost. A Schedule Table offers an at-a-glance view of campaign delivery dates.

Take a closer look: