Improvements in Order Workflow

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Order process: Easier, faster and more intuitive

4.6 version improvements make the Conductor order process easier. Take a look below.

Fewer steps in the order workflow

To streamline the customer’s work process, we’ve consolidated steps in the order workflow. Users no longer have to click through multiple pages to select the delivery options, recipient lists, quantity, shipping address and delivery dates. Now, they can complete and view all of these details — all on one page.

Product Summary is now visible at all times

Product Summary now appears in the right navigation panel throughout the order process. Users will be able to see their updated order information as they input information or make changes. Edits can be made to any previous step at any point in the process.

Vendor Instructions now available in Delivery Options

We also added a field called Vendor Instructions to the Delivery Options page. This lets users direct instructions to the fulfillment vendor. Users will be able to specify vendor instructions for print products when ordering delivery by mail or ship. The instructions will be visible on order details page as a read-only field.

Streamlined Shopping Cart

Users can now enjoy a streamlined view of all products in Shopping Cart. Simply expand sections to view details such as estimated delivery schedule and cost. The Cart Summary panel displays the cart cost and initiates check out. The feature’s more prominent positioning on the page helps it stay in view.

Easier, more flexible Payments page

Users just select the payment method they wish to use, then complete the required information. The Payment Summary panel shows the order cost and payment breakdown and allows users to place the order. If multiple payment options are selected, the Payment Summary panel shows the order cost breakdown by payment method.

Copy orders from Order History

Now, users can more easily re-submit previous orders from Order History—we’ve reduced the number of steps. From Order History, the user just clicks Copy Order. The user will then be taken to Shopping Cart where the new order will appear.

A message will show which order the new order has been copied from. Users can make changes to the new order using the Edit link in Shopping Cart. This feature eliminates the need to navigate backwards to confirm the product and creates a more logical workflow.

Order Approvals and Fulfillment Date Validations

Let’s say your client sends in an order for approval…but it wasn’t approved in time to meet the selected fulfillment date. Conductor will automatically modify the fulfillment date for the next available date. The new date will be determined by the system’s vendor production rules.

The user will then receive notification that their order has been approved. The record will be accessible in Order History. If the new date isn’t workable, the user will be able to cancel the order.

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