Other Improvements

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Users no longer need to specify a contact list for a download product

Previously, products tagged as Contact List Variable required the user to specify a contact list – even though Conductor does not merge contact list data into download products. This is just one example where a reported pain point was resolved for the convenience of Conductor users.

Time limit on Recurring Frequency

Recurring frequency is when a user wants to automatically repeat an order at specific intervals. Conductor now assigns a limit to how far in the future these recurring deliveries can be repeated.

This limit is enforced when a user orders a product or campaign on the Delivery Options page. The system sets the following limits by frequency of the delivery:

The user will select the order frequency needed as part of the order workflow.

Faster loading reports

Conductor will no longer initiate a search until the user clicks the Search button. Previously, the system would make multiple calls to bring back data while the user entered their search data. With the new change, Conductor will make only one call to bring back data that matches all search criteria entered.

This change reduces the time needed to load a report. It also helps users more easily manage accounts upon which large numbers of products and orders are generated.

Conductor is now email “agnostic”

Email processing is now handled by an enterprise service that resides outside of Conductor. The new process will transfer email data to the enterprise email service when the order is placed. The enterprise email service will then transfer the email data to the email vender service for execution on the fulfillment date.

Simplified shipping order notification

We’ve removed redundant system message templates for order notifications. A single order notification template now consolidates previous templates for Order Notification with Shipping, Order Notification with Mailing and Order Notification with Shipping and Mailing.

Bulk User Upload now available via Excel or CSV

An Upload User List button now appears on the Users Tab view of the Admin/Users page.

Now, Excel (.xlsx or .csv) can be used to upload a listing of new users. Names, email addresses and roles can be defined for new users.

Conductor will validate required fields on upload. It will also provide a summary of the successful record upload. A link to records that encountered errors and were not uploaded will be made available so that they can be corrected.

Fulfillment record now created when orders are placed

Now, when a user places an order, Conductor will create a fulfillment record.

The Shopping Cart and Order Details Page will display all future fulfillments of all product types – print and electronic (email, SMS) – in the Estimated Delivery Schedule & Cost table. Previously, the fulfillment records were created at the time the fulfillment needed to be sent to the vendor as defined by their production rules.

Confirmation message sent on deleted or cancelled orders

Now, when a user deletes or cancels an order from Order History, system messaging sends a confirmation message. This message is in addition to the cancel order confirmation screen seen in previous versions of Conductor. In the past, a confirmation notice was only sent with orders that were cancelled or deleted as part of an account deletion or reactivation.

Fulfillment validation emails contain the updated delivery date

Conductor team now allows the user to receive an updated delivery date after their order is approved. This applies to situations where the original date requested by the user was invalid.

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