Responsive Design Improvements

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I. Mobile First functionality moves with you

Conductor 4.6 Responsive Design is centered on two key aspects of critical importance to today’s users: 1) Mobile-friendly functionality and 2) A smooth and efficient user experience.

Better views. Faster loads. Smoother workflow.

Whether on a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device, you and your users are now able to access and manage your Conductor workflow.

With version 4.6 and forward, the Conductor storefront (non-admin pages) is completely mobile-responsive!

New updates create screen views that automatically re-size for the user’s device. You’ll also find that pages and forms load faster and navigation is easier and more fluid.

Resposive Design on all devices

New Profile Menu: Click under your Profile, and a new dropdown menu lets you directly access the Reports menu.
Profile Images: Also under the Profile Menu, users can now upload, store and delete Profile Images, Signatures and Logos from within a tabbed page layout. Multiple images can be kept on file and viewed with the opportunity to select a file image as Primary.

II. Easier, more seamless user experience

New drag and drop images

On the Product Administration Page, users will now be able to drag and drop images that they would like to use as Preview Images on the Product Details Page.

By default, images added via this drag and drop function save to the Assets/ System/Images folder.

Easier image editing

Now, users can scale images to fit and then rename the image. It’s functionality that’s an added enhancement to the recently added image editing feature.

More great news is that users can now edit images inline as they customize a product to order. The Edit Link next to the image in the Customization panel opens the Image Editor window.

Return to User Summary button added

When an administrator is working in the User Administration panels, there used to be no way to navigate directly back to the User Summary. To resolve this issue, Conductor 4.6 adds a Return to User Summary feature to Administration page views. It allows a user to, for example, go back to User Summary from the Taxonomies page.

This addition provides an easy, quick link back to the User Summary page. It saves the user from having to navigate back through the task he or she is working through and prevents the need to search through navigation options on the left navigation bar.

Take a closer look: